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Epic Screamer Limited 2010

Epic Screamer Limited 2010 Kite Review

Sizes: 10m
Kite Type: SLE
Best For: Waveriding  Wakestyle  Freestyle  Freeride
Brand: Epic

Control Bar

All Epic kites use the same control bar, the unique XTEND bar, which has the following to offer:
- Adjustable from 45 to 55 cm. As Epic explained, the rider should be able to switch from 45 to 55cm in under 10 seconds.
- Soft grip
- Molded push-away quick release
- Above-bar depower strap
- Adjustable stopper
- Below-bar centerline swivel
- SDR (Swivel Dome Release)
- Safety ring that keeps the rider attached when the swivel dome release is activated
- Perloop system to prevent chicken loop twists while performing unhooked moves
- 20-meter lines and 4-meter extensions

It must be mentioned that the XTEND bar was designed by Epic in collaboration with Blade. The purpose of this collaboration was to come up with a bar that is easy to use and safe.

Wind ranges based on a 175 lbs (82kg) rider using a twin tip:
10m – 15 to 35 knots

Wind ranges based on a 175 lbs (82kg) rider using a surf board:
10m – 12 to 28 knots