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Estera Little Grand Race 2019

Estera Little Grand Race 2019

Period: Feb 18 - Feb 25, 2019
Location: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

The Estera Little Grand Race 2019 is a multi-class, team-based kiteboarding race from Little Cayman to Grand Cayman to take place on a single day between 18th and 25th February 2019.

Being entirely weather and wind dependent, the actual date will be set within a week of the race - so keep watching this site for announcements!

The Estera Little Grand Race 2019 was born out of Kite for Cancer’s 2016 charity endurance event in which 10 kiters made the crossing from Little Cayman to Grand Cayman in just under 8.5 hours.

While this race event is also conceived as a charity fundraiser, it’s open to kiteboarders from the Cayman Islands and around the world looking for an endurance race challenge.

The race will be held during daylight hours and is a ‘Wacky Races’ format in that all manner of kites and boards and teams are encouraged to enter.

Teams will consist of kiters, classed by kiteboard style, and their support. The race can be completed as an individual kiteboarder or as a relay team.

Each Team will raise a funds through individual race completion and corporate; all funds raised by Kite for Cancer will be for the benefit of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

For more details, please visit the official website.