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La Ventana Classic 2019

La Ventana Classic 2019

Period: Jan 16 - Jan 19, 2019
Location: La Ventana, Mexico

The La Ventana Classic is an annual kiteboarding, windsurfing and SUP event that benefits local schools in La Ventana, Mexico.

Long distance race for Foils, Kiteboarders and Windsurfers. Separate racing classes with separate starts - the competitors who compete for prize money will be divided into foils and others (windsurfers and kiteboarders)  - and the sportsmen who cruise for the cause of supporting our schools and also win fun prizes from our sponsors will have their own start - Top competetitor racers will qualify for a long distance final to determine the winner. Top 30 in the Foil class, and top 50 for Kiteboard and Windsurf  competitors and top 30 Kiteboard Sportsmen will qualify using the results from the course race.

Compete in a variety of spectacular “downwind” races during the La Ventana Classic!!!

Each day brings an adventurous paddle and excellent chance to race with the wind at your back.

Run with the group on the amazing and most scenic Las Cruces Downwinder (8 Miles), cross the Sea of Cortez from Jacque Cousteau Island (Cerralvo Island Crossing - 11 miles) and enjoy several mini-downwinder courses that are set along the beautiful La Ventana Baja Sur coast.

Enter either COMPETITOR CLASS (earn individual points in each race to claim hard cash, boards/paddles prizes and commemorative LVC trophies) or SPORTSMAN CLASS (compete for great sponsor prizes and event tropies). 12’6” and 14’ board categories available for men & women in both Competitor and Sportsman classes.

La Ventana Classic takes place between the 16th and 19th of January 2019. For more details, please visit the official website.