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Ocean Rodeo La Ventana Crew Event 2019

Ocean Rodeo La Ventana Crew Event 2019

Period: Jan 6 - Jan 12, 2019
Location: La Ventana, Mexico

Ocean Rodeo is proud to announce that it will be holding crew events around the world next year and we want to announce to you that our first event of 2019 will be held at our Demo Center in La Ventana, Mexico! Being hosted at Pelican Reef in La Ventana from January 6th-12th, this will be Ocean Rodeos kick off to a 2019 dedicated to our loyal customer base who has seen us grow over the years. Getting in on the early bird will be crucial as it will come with the lowest cost to attend.

Want to stock up on new kiting gear before you come up? Buy any new 2018 bar, board, kite, harness, or drysuit and receive 15% off the LV crew trip. Act fast as tier one will be offered until November 23rd, after this only tier two slots will be left and space will be supremely limited. Join us for to start 2019 off with your no excuses crew at Ocean Rodeo.

For more details, please follow this link.