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Union Island Full Moon Party January 2015

Union Island Full Moon Party January 2015

Period: Jan 15 - Jan 15, 2015
Location: Clifton, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The Full Moon beach parties organized by Professional kitesurfer Jeremie Tronet and his team are well known among Union Island locals, sailors, tourists and neighboring islands. It is a fun and electrifying event, showcasing the beauty of kiteboarding.

The party features all music genres which brings tourists and locals all together for a unique party experience once a month. As the night gets darker, the beach gets illuminated by a light show where glow sticks, glow balls, lasers and fire balls light up the beach.

And Jeremie Tronet, together with his team at the JT Pro Center, starts riding the glowing waters performing all sorts of incredible tricks under the rising full moon. The first Union Island Full Moon Party of 2015 takes place on the 5th of January, at the JT Pro Center in Clifton. To find out more details, you can follow this link.