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ABoards Glider 2011

ABoards Glider 2011

Kiteboard Model: Glider
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: ABoards
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Board sizes

147 x 45 cm
154 x 48 cm
164 x 50 cm


Kiteboarding has become one of the most appreciated and popular extreme sports and it gathers a huge number of new fans which each season. There are extreme and pro riders who already know the secrets of this sport and perform spectacular moves, and there are novice riders who have just picked up the basics and love to have fun out on the waves. The Glider was created by ABoards especially for the second category, and it is the type of board which gives you confidence and feels comfortable and safe under your feet.

• Multidirectional Flex Tips technology
• 3D deck
• Improved upwind performance
• Improved planning performance
• ABS rails
• No eye spray

The 2011 kiteboard line introduced by ABoards is intended to suit all skills and styles. Their team has put a lot of effort and passion in the research and development of each model, to make sure it meets the highest quality and performance standards and it is ready to suit the needs of a large range of riders. If you love kiteboarding, but you are not already an ace and need to practice, or if you just love to have a recreational cruise out on the water, than you need the ABoards Glider.

The Glider is a forgiving and user friendly board, which is easy to handle, safe and reliable in all conditions. It is perfect for training, progression and school. The board features a wider shape and reversed sides outline which increase upwind and planning performance. At the same time this profile, combined with the great floatability of the board allows it to support a heavier rider. The Glider can be powered up and runs fast in light wind, and it is stable and reliable if the wind picks up.

Since it is a larger board, the rider has plenty of surface and can feel very confident. He can learn new tricks and progress or just enjoy a smooth glide. The Multidirectional Flex tips technology allows the rider to tackle4 any wave and steer the board without any effort at all. At the same time, the 3D deck with three stage flex assures optimal comfort and provides extra performance in all conditions. ABoards has improved the early planning and upwind potential, as well as the stability and grip. The Glider reaches a nice top speed, turns fast, it offers high jumps and lifts, but it is easy to control and safe the entire session. The ABS rails allow the rider to steer the board very easy, while the enhanced bottom design provides stability and smooth landings.

The snowboard like construction used by ABoards makes the glider extremely durable, yet light. It has the perfect amount of flex and stiffness and it is very responsive. The glider is protected with a top and bottom anti scratch coating against abrasion.