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Advance Dragster 2011

Advance Dragster 2011

Kiteboard Model: Dragster
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Advance
Best For
Board sizes

1180x52.5 cm


Racing is one of the most spectacular kiteboarding disciplines. Dedicated racers need dedicated gear which can take care of their demanding needs. The new Dragster is Advance’s premier racing board and it is intended to excel in all wind and wave conditions. Crafting a board which generates incredible speed, it is easy to control and blasts upwind like a rocket was not an easy task, but the Advance team has done a great job. The Dragster is ready to win any race when it is piloted by an experienced rider and it is also fun to ride.

• G10 Special Race Fins
• Race Light Pad
• Superior Upwind Performance
• Lightweight Construction
• Wood Sandwich Construction Technology

A new series of Advance boards is ready to revolutionize the world of kiteboarding this season. All boards are engineered with special attention to detail and fine tuned to offer the best performance in their class. The new Dragster is one of the most reliable and efficient racing boards crafted by Advgance. It offers incredible top speed and awesome upwind performance, as well as unmatched control. The board is crafted using a special shape and a lightweight construction which allow the rider to use it in virtually all wind conditions.

Advance has built the Dragster using a lightweight Wood and Epoxy sandwich technology. This structure makes the board fast and very responsive and allows the rider to reach high speeds while he is in complete control. A special rocker line assures instant acceleration and pushes the board upwind like a rocket. Even in marginal wind conditions, the Dragster is able to reach high speeds and offer top upwind performance.

The directional outline, featuring a special nose shape generates a very fluid drive and maintains a constant top speed when racing. The board is equipped with four Angled Custom G10 Fins which provide optimal grip and maximize upwind performance. The wider and longer profile of the board assures excellent stability through turns or at high speed.

The great thing about the Dragster is that it is very easy to handle at high speeds or in high winds. It has a very accurate feedback to any input. Four ultralight, easy adjustable footstraps keep the rider comfortable and relaxed as he drives the board. These footstraps also assure a secured connection between feet and deck. The Dragster is a perfect choice for competition racing, but it can also be used by casual racers.