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Airush Apex Team 2015

Airush Apex Team 2015

Kiteboard Model: Apex Team
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Airush
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle
Board sizes

132x40 cm

135x41 cm

138x42 cm


The Airush Apex Team is the perfect solution for all riders looking for accessible freeride and freestyle performance. The board is perfect for intermediate and advanced riders and runs exceptional in a wide range of conditions. With the Apex Team you can perform all sorts of stylish tricks and progress fast. It’s a board that puts the joy into the ride without compromise.

The guys at Airush managed to blend speed, power, comfort and ease of use into a single package when they have designed the new Apex Team. It’s a board easy to use, but perfectly suitable for aggressive riders too. It sports a straighter outline with squared tips. This profile provides superior early planing performance and makes the board easy to maneuver.

A higher rocker combined with a wide planform design ensures excellent control at higher speeds plus better upwind abilities. Thanks to an asymmetrical design, the board is easy to control in flat waters or chop. The Apex Team features a Venturi Bottom Shape. It provides superior stability and grip, as well as a smoother flow and perfect control when speeding by channeling water away from the fins and concentrating the flow through the center of the board in the tail area.

The board features Airush’s Carbon Torsion Control tech, which combined with the independent flex tips, enhances the stiffness differentiation between heel side and toe side edges, allowing for a smoother ride.

The board uses Airush’s Biotech Multizone construction, based on a vertical wood core sandwich comprising of a dual density Balsa and Poplar core with ABS rail and tips, which provides an optimal stiffness to flex ratio and makes the board agile and responsive.

Airush Apex Team 2015 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Airush Apex Team 2015 Reviewed on Oct 21st 2014
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Super cool tt. It has pop, it's smooth in chop and rides upwind very well. It's a great mix between freeride and freestyle. It has a stiffer pattern, so pop is not a problem, but landings can be a bit harder sometime....more