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Airush Monaro 2013

Airush Monaro 2013

Kiteboard Model: Monaro V4
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Airush
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Board sizes

69.5 x 189.8 cm


When it comes to competitive racing and achieving high performance, the Airush Monaro is the board of choice for many elite riders. This board is crafted using cutting edge technology and ready to deliver the ultimate performance in the racing field. It is safe to say that the Monaro is the fastest board you’ll around the course.

Designed to take racing performance to a new dimension, the Airsuh Monaro is crafted with the needs of the dedicated rider in mind. This is not the board for casual cruising. It is like a sharp missile which generates excessive speed and a powerful drive. The Monaro V4 is an IKA Production Class “Box Rule” approved board, designed by Airush shapers in collaboration with team riders Rolf van der Vlugt and Katja Roose, two of the best slalom racers in the world.

The board features a special shape, tuned for high speed. It uses a dual chine rail which significantly reduces drag and prevents spray. The special deck, featuring a concave section in the nose area assures a lighter weight and wind lift. The innovative Step Squash Tail assures exceptional control off the wind or in high winds at high speed. The board is also very stable and offers incredible early planning performance. All of these features are complemented by excellent comfort.

Airush has built the Monaro V4 using a high modulus carbon fiber plus a high-density foam sandwich structure.  This construction assures a light weight, optimal stiffness and increased strength.