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Airush Monaro Race V6 2015

Airush Monaro Race V6 2015

Kiteboard Model: Monaro Race V6
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Airush
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Board sizes

190x70 cm, 94L


The Monaro has always been the pinnacle of racing performance. A board that delivers impressive speed and control on the racing track. And the 2015 Monaro V6 is a board that is ready to rip world class courses with style. This high performance board is able to reach high speeds and win world class events when piloted by an experienced rider.

The new 2015 Monaro Race V6 from Airush is the board you need to ride like the wind on the racing course. It is designed by Airush engineer Clinton Filen in collaboration with elite rider Julien Kerneur and it is one of the most powerful racing weapons on the market. It features a wider profile which allows it plane super fast and provides optima control at high speeds.

The rounded nose is optimized to allow you tackle small surf and chop without worries at high speeds. The board’s shape is also optimized to deliver extreme speeds in light winds. The Monaro Race uses a stepped tail which improves control at high speeds. The deck is optimized to increase comfort during racing. The board is equipped with a special tri fin setup that improves control and grip and ensures superior upwind performance.

The Monaro Race V6 is built using a high pressure sandwich combined with High modulus Carbon Fiber and a full foam sandwich. This structure ensures perfect stiffness and strength and makes it very light.