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Airush Sector 2011

Airush Sector 2011

Kiteboard Model: Sector
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Airush
Best For
Racing  Lightwind  Freeride
Board sizes

173cm x 52cm

172cm x 60cm


The 2011 Sector by Airush is a very special board. It went through a long process of research and development as well as extensive testing because it has a special mission. It is engineered to take the rider on a fast cruise when there is only a light breeze and all the other riders sit on the beach and wait for the wind to pick up. At the same time the board’s design is focused on usability. It is a very maneuverable board, and even beginner riders can enjoy a nice session. It can be used for high performance riding as well as for a recreational and fun session by anyone. Actually, the Airush Sector is an excellent all round freeride board. Wind or no wind, this board will deliver a great ride and extra fun as well as top performance.

The 2011 Airush kiteboard lineup is extensive and impressive at the same time. The Airush team has put a lot of effort and passion in the development of the new board models to make sure that thewey will meet the most demanding requirements. The new Sector is a board which blends speed, power and maneuverability with user friendly features to offer a great freeride session to any rider. It is engineered using the latest technology and the finest fabrics to offer extra performance in light wind conditions.

The board is based on a new concept developed by Airush and called Widebody. This means that the Sector packs extra volume and it is about four inches wider that the usual freeride board. This shape, combined with the refined outline makes it very fast and easy to power up when the wind barely blows. At the same time, if the wind gets stronger, the board remains reliable and performs flawless. The Sector is available in two versions, based on the construction technologies. You can choose ACTive Carbon technology, which is based on high quality carbon fibers and significantly increases the durability of the board without affecting the flex, or the Flytech II technology, using a reduced core density, directional glass and foam sandwich structure. The Flytech II structure makes the board extremely light and responsive.

A new fin setup and hull shape enhances the power delivery as well as the grip and stability. The rider can enjoy any trick or run as fast as he wishes, while being in absolute control. The board is very responsive and accurate the whole time. Based on a freerace board pattern, the Sector is perfect for both heavier and lighter riders. Airush has also improved the upwind and early planning abilities of the board, for the rider looking for extra boost. The great thing about the Airush Sector is that it offers top efficiency for the hardcore rider, while it is forgiving and easy to use by the beginner one.

Wind or no wind, the Sector will perform outstanding and it is the perfect choice for a fun, relaxing cruise, as well as for hardcore freeride maneuvers. The board offers extra performance when it is used with Airush Lithium LW or One kites.

Airush Sector 2011 Average Rating: 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Airush Sector 2011 Reviewed on Feb 23rd 2012
Rating: 3.0 out of 5

It is shaped like a wave board, but doesn't act like one. It has different feet positioning and flatter rocker and really can't handle wave riding much. It is closer to a race board and runs nice in light winds. It is more comfortable than a pure rac...more