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Airush Sector V5 2015

Airush Sector V5 2015

Kiteboard Model: Sector V5
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Airush
Best For
Freeride  Lightwind
Board sizes

54x175 cm, 30L 

60x185 cm, 33L


The Sector kitesurf board from Airush was the very first in the widebody revolution, a board created to provide riders with the most versatile lightwind freeride performance. And for the 2015 season, the Sector V5 takes this performance to an entire new level. This board is perfect for reaching high speeds in marginal winds and carving stylish turns with ease.

The guys at Airush describe the Sector V5 as the perfect carving machine and the most innovative lightwind freeride board on the market. And they are right. The board sports a slim slalom-like outline, with rounded profile, which ensures incredible quick early planing performances and maneuverability.

The Sector V5 is designed as an all-round board and it is able to deliver a nice speed, top maneuverability and comfort in virtually any conditions. The diamond tail provides smooth and controllable turns, while the hull profile generates a fluid glide. The board marches upwind very easy and runs fast and smooth even in chop. The board comes in three models.

The Sector 54 is perfect for lighter riders or for charging in higher winds. It turns fast and reaches high speeds easily. The Sector 60 is extremely user friendly and it’s perfect for the most marginal wind conditions. It’s very quick to plane and very comfortable to ride. The Sector 65 One Design is a dedicated upwind race board for light and medium wind slalom. It is a competition board fun and comfortable to ride by all riders.