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Arriba Arriba Easy Board 2014

Arriba Arriba Easy Board 2014

Kiteboard Model: Easy Board
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Arriba Arriba
Best For
Board sizes

150 x 46 cm

145 x 44 cm

140 x 42 cm


As the name suggests, the easy Board from Italian brand Arriba Arriba is designed especially for entry level and casual riders that want to have fun out on the water. It is also a very reliable light wind machine that will get you first on the water and keep you there for as much as you want. The Easy Board is designed with as special focus on ease of use and comfort.

Designed to make your first kiteboarding sessions fun and exciting, the Arrriba Arriba Easy Board is exactly the kiteboard you need to build your confidence and progress. It is a comfortable and easy to use beginner lightwind twin tip that makes kiteboarding accessible to anyone. The board sports a longer and slightly wider profile, with wider hips and straighter cut tips.

This shape assures excellent early planing and upwind performance and significantly boosts its light wind abilities. The wider profile, combined with the concave hull, assures increased stability and a very smooth glide in chop or other demanding conditions. The board is very easy to edge and allows you glide upwind without hassle. A smooth rocker assures good acceleration, a nice top speed and excellent control.

The Easy Board is very forgiving and allows you learn new maneuvers without effort. It is also very reliable if the wind picks up. The Arriba Arriba Easy Board is also a perfect twin tip for kiteboarding schools and resorts.