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Arriba Arriba S-Styler 2013

Arriba Arriba S-Styler 2013

Kiteboard Model: S-Styler
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Arriba Arriba
Best For
Board sizes

138 x 41 cm

142 x 42,5 cm


The Italians at Arriba Arriba have designed the S-Styler with a specific purpose: to deliver no compromise freestyle performance in medium and strong winds. It is a board best suited for an advanced and more aggressive rider who looks for a nice challenge in more dangerous winds. The S-Styler is perfect for competitions, as well as for training.

With the new Arriba Arriba S-Styler you can unleash your freestyle skills in storm like wind conditions. It is a board especially designed for throwing tricks in medium and high winds and gusts. This board works great when paired with smaller sized freestyle kites.

The wider profile plus the rounder, constant outline, makes it quick to plane, but also stable and easy to control. It features a double rail design that keeps you in control at high speeds and in high winds and allows you edge without much effort. It can carve hard, pop with style and land very smooth. The medium flex pattern generates the perfect pop and also assures a comfortable ride in chop.

The flex pattern of the tips is slightly increased to make landings soft and predictable. A pronounced scoop rocker line assures perfect control plus a clean upwind glide. The bottom is also designed to provide serious grip and stability. The carbon hull makes the board very durable and assures perfect responsiveness and reactivity.