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Arriba Arriba Styler 2013

Arriba Arriba Styler 2013

Kiteboard Model: Styler
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Arriba Arriba
Best For
Board sizes

136 x 41,5 cm

139 x 42,5 cm


The Arriba Arriba Styler is a twin tip designed exclusively for freestyle. Awesome pop, sharp control and excellent stability are just a few of the features that make it a perfect board for throwing all sorts of tricks with style. It is powerful, yet user friendly. It is a perfect platform for advanced and aggressive riders, but it can also accommodate riders that want to progress fast.

With the Styler board form Italian brand Arriba Arriba you can dominate the world of freestyle. It is a board designed to excel in competitions, as well as on the training playground. It features a progressive outline with a slightly wider profile. This shape helps it plane extremely quickly and move upwind fast and without fuss.

Special double sided edge heels are used to provide a steady ride and allow you edge quick and easy. The Diamond flex tips, based on a more flexible system of flex in the center of the tips, allow you land smooth and predictable and ensure a comfortable ride in chop. The board uses a medium flex pattern that provides you with both comfort and explosive pop.

The progressive outline enhances pop for a more radical performance. The bottom concave makes the glide smoother and faster, while the scoop rocker improves upwind performance and ensures excellent control and a quick acceleration. The Styler is built using a Dynanotex Carbon hull which makes it extremely durable and creates perfect flex and rebound.