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ASV SL Slalom 2014

ASV SL Slalom 2014

Kiteboard Model: SL Slalom
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Best For
Board sizes

180x68 cm

175x64 cm


Slalom is one of the most popular kite racing disciplines. And it requires a dedicated board. That is why the guys at ASV performance have developed the SL Slalom kiteboard. It is especially designed for slalom racing. This board is crafted taking into consideration the requirements of slalom racing discipline on the PKRA tour. It delivers impressive speeds and accurate control.

With the ASV Performance SL Slalom board you can win virtually any slalom race. It is a competition grade racing board that best fits advanced and pro riders, but can accommodate progressive ones too. The SL Slalom is designed using a similar shape to that of a formula windsurf board. It has a wider profile, with wider hips near the tip.

This shape, combined with the extra volume, assures excellent early planing and upwind abilities. The diamond shaped tip allows it move fast in chop and other demanding conditions, without sinking. A diamond squared tail provides perfect realease and assures optimal turns during speed or around buoys. The ASV SL Slalom is equipped with three fin boxes. Used with a thruster fin setup, it can generate impressive speeds and has a superior upwind tracking. As a matter of fact, the SL Slalom is one of the fastest upwind boards on the market.

The fast rocker assures quick acceleration, as well as precise control. The board is available in two sizes, to cover all possible wind conditions. The smaller model is perfect for consistent winds, while the larger model packs some extra volume and it is a versatile light wind racing machine.