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Axis Parker Pro 2014

Axis Parker Pro 2014

Kiteboard Model: Parker Pro
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: AXIS
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle  Wakestyle
Board sizes

140x42.5 cm


The Axis Parker Pro is designed for the advanced rider who always pushes his skills and rides to new levels. It is a powerful and fast board, which delivers superior cross over performance. It is perfect for wake, freeride and freestyle tricks. It is a board that packs solid pop and energy and always put you in complete control.

If you like performing all sorts of advanced technical maneuvers of love to hit kickers and rails in an aggressive way, the Parker Pro from Axis is the perfect weapon for you. It is designed by Axis master shaper Adrian Roper in collaboration with pro kiteboarder Billy Parker and it is a reliable wakestyle machine, with great freeride and freestyle potential.

The board features a slightly wider profile, with a rounder outline and rounded tips. This shape allows it maintain its directional stability at higher speeds or when landing tricks. It also helps it plane quickly and move upwind faster. A special bottom design provides superior grip and stability and assures a smooth, yet solid glide. The channels down the bottom of the board help make the ride smooth and give the board grip to better load before big jumps.

The pronounced rocker provides faster upwind speed and acceleration, but also improves pop. The Axis Parker Pro is built to withstand abuse. It is crafted using a robust Paulownia wood core, Biaxial fiberglass with Uni-Carbon reinforcing laminates, ABS rails, a Coaxial PBT foil top and bottom sheet and a bullet proof P-Tex grindable base.