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Axon Thruster 2012

Axon Thruster 2012

Kiteboard Model: Thruster
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Axon
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The Thruster is part of the Surf Series of boards introduced by Axon in 2012. It is new to this series and it is designed for top-to-bottom surf style and bigger waves. It is also a board that can perform some of the most stylish aerials. The board can accommodate expert riders that love to tackle challenging waves, but also intermediate ones that want to progress quick.

As the guys at Axon say, the Thruster performs in a wide range of conditions, but has that little something extra when you want to punt some airs or pull into a barrel. The board excels in larger, over the head waves, but it is reliable in a wide range of conditions as well. It features a compact thicker profile.

Thanks to the extra thickness under your front foot, you can shift your weight under your feet and not lose the sweet spot. The rounder outline makes the board playful and agile and can easily climb on the face of the wave. A drawn in rounded tail allows you perform tight and quick turns and hold the momentum in turns. A double concave bottom shape makes the bard loose and assures plenty stability plus a fast and smooth down the line run.

The Thruster can easily take off and perform aerials and always land smooth and predictable. As the name suggests, the board uses a thruster fin setup which makes it playful and fast but also adds grip in turns. The Thruster is built using strong and light EPS core, multiple layers of triax glass for extra durability and a full deck layer of bamboo.