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Bellacera Fun Style Fish 2014

Bellacera Fun Style Fish 2014

Kiteboard Model: Fun Style Fish
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Bellacera
Best For
Board sizes

5'6" X 18"

5'3" X 17-3/4"

4'11 X 17"


Shaped and tested by John Bellacera, the Fun Style Fish directional is a kitesurf board that offers you a fun and enjoyable ride in virtually any conditions. It runs great in small and medium waves, but can also handle bigger waves with ease. It is also perfect for aggressive riders that want to ride faster and harder, but can accommodate less experienced riders as well.

The Bellacera Fun Style Fish is a board that can handle anything you throw at it and adapts to your style of riding. It is perfect for tackling all sorts of waves in strapped or strapless mode. It features a longer, parallel outline which improves its directional stability and makes it easy to maneuver, but also enhances its early planing capabilities.

The rounder profile makes it more forgiving in challenging conditions. The board is designed to allow you switch stance very easy and deliver a nice speed plus a great surf slashing ability. It features thin and rounded rails defined in the tail section to ensure smooth and fast turning and carving. A special rocker is used to provide the rider with top control and superior upwind performance. The swallow, rounded tail assures a superior turning performance and a perfect release.

The board is equipped with a quad fin setup that provides perfect grip and assures solid and fluid ride. The board is crafted using a smart combination of wood, high density, closed cell foam, high grade fiberglass, UV protection resin and a special stringer. This structure makes it extremely durable and light.