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Ben Wilson Resin8 Signature 2011

Ben Wilson Resin8 Signature 2011

Kiteboard Model: Resin8 Signature
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Ben Wilson
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The Ben Wilson Noise kites and Resin8 Signature boards are intended to take kitesurfing to an entire new level. The Noise kite, which performs great at multiple styles and in all wind conditions must be complemented by a perfect board. And that board is the Resin8 Signature. This short kiteboard is engineered to deliver power and efficiency. To suit the needs of all riders out there, the Resin8 boards are available in four different sizes.

When it has crafted the Resin8 Signature board, Ben Wilson together with his team has focused on top performance and quality. It is not an easy thing to design a board which can suit both hardcore and less experienced riders and which can handle most wind and wave conditions, but they have made this possible, using a unique construction technology.

The board gives you the boost you need exactly when you need it and it is fast, stable and reliable at all times. The Resin8 signature boards are hand shaped and hand laminated, so every single detail of the board was perfectly tuned and optimized. The board is perfect for the rider who loves surf style moves and enjoys tackling all kinds of waves. The board is very dynamic, yet steady and predictable.

To suit a wide range of riders, the boards come in four different sizes. Smaller sizes are perfect for younger and lighter riders who love a fast ride, while larger models are perfect for heavier riders and perform outstanding in light wind conditions. The lack of a center stringer improves the board’s flex and makes the board much livelier out on the waves. It accelerates fast and reaches a nice speed, while the turns are fast and accurate. Ben Wilson and his team have used an innovative technology in the design of the board. The construction is based on a triple density core which assures extra durability and an extremely light weight.

The low density EPS center wrapped in high density foam skin and the vacuum epoxy sandwich structure makes the board virtually indestructible and up to 15% lighter than traditional boards. If you are looking for performance and quality every session, than the Ben Wilson Resin8 Signature is the board for you. For optimal performance the manufacturer recommends that the Resin8 Signature should be used Dakine Tailpad, Dakine X-Lace footstraps and FCS fins.    

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