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Blade Sanchez 2012

Blade Sanchez 2012

Kiteboard Model: Sanchez
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Blade
Best For
Board sizes

130 x 41 cm

134 x 42 cm

138 x 44 cm


The Sanchez twin tip is engineered to take freeride to a new dimension. The guys at Blade have worked hard to make sure that this board excels in various conditions and can accommodate all sorts of riders. And indeed the board works great in flat water or chop and it is easy to use by beginner to advanced riders.

With the Blade Sanchez you can enjoy a cool freeride session every time you want. It is a board that blends smooth power with superior comfort and easy handling. The board is perfect for riders new to the sport who enjoy a smooth cruise, as well as for more advanced athletes who enjoy speeding and pumping big airs.

The board sports a wider shape with a wider hip outline and squared tips. This profile makes it stable and allows for quick early planing and better upwind tracking. The hard rails give you a good rail bite and enhance the board’s upwind ability. The concave bottom shape, converging to a double concave tip section, ensures a smooth and clean glide even in chop.

The board features a moderate flex pattern that offers a generous pop, but also plenty of comfort. The slightly rounder tip corners improve rail to rail transitions. The Sanchez is crafted using a special 3D board mold that integrates WaveFlex technology. This tech provides an excellent torsional stiffness and creates the optimal stiffness and flex.