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BroKite Wake 2012

BroKite Wake 2012

Kiteboard Model: Wake
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Brokite
Best For
Board sizes

134x43 cm

136x43.5 cm

138x44 cm


The BroKite Wake is built to satisfy the demands of the most technical and aggressive riders out there. It is engineered to deliver massive amounts of pop and it is extremely quick and agile. It is a competition grade board that turns advanced riders into champs. It is the kind of board that can really take your ride to a new level.

With the BroKite Wake you can smash the competition in any wakestyle competition. The board is built by the BroKite shapers in collaboration with Rocky Chatwell, one of the top ranked riders on the PKRA World Tour. The board features a parallel outline with straight cut tips.

The squared tips and wider profile ensure quick early planing and very good directional stability. The wake rocker assures superior upwind performance and enhances pop. The BroKite Wake is available in two versions. If you want more stability and grip, you can pick the Standard elliptical concave model, and if you want more pop and a more aggressive behavior, you can choose the flat competition bottom model.

Both models feature a competitive flex which provides generous pop and makes the board comfortable to ride. The Wake runs exceptionally well in flat waters, but it is also reliable in chop. It is built using a full carbon structure which makes it light, durable, responsive and assures perfect rebound.