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Brunotti Kite Wave Fish 2013

Brunotti Kite Wave Fish 2013

Kiteboard Model: Kite Wave Fish
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Brunotti
Best For
Lightwind  Waveriding
Board sizes




The Kite Wave Fish is a wave board designed and shaped by Jinne Sietsma, the Dutch Board Shaper who learned the trade from Claudio Brunotti himself and it offers top quality and performance. The Kite Wave Fish is the perfect wave machine which also excels in lighter winds or flat water.

It can be used with or without straps and offers a very comfortable ride. The board packs some extra volume, thing that makes it playful, yet stable and controllable in real world wave conditions. The extra width and straighter outline also make it steady and reliable and provide increased light wind performance.

The board can be used with a smaller kite or in light breezes with ease. The flat rocker, complemented by a wider tail, assures great early planing abilities and also a smooth glide, as well as quick and controllable turns. These features also make the board excel in flat water or smaller surf. The swallowtail gives the board more drive and bite, allowing you to control the board in every condition.

A concave tail deck provides flawless control and a good grip even in less than perfect conditions. The board is equipped with a quad fin setup which improves the drive and helps the rider push upwind with ease. The board is powerful,yet user friendly and forgiving. It is perfect for all wave riders.