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Brunotti Kite Wave Gun 2012

Brunotti Kite Wave Gun 2012

Kiteboard Model: Kite Wave Gun
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Brunotti
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The Kite Wave Gun from Brunotti is a directional board built to withstand the extreme forces of kiting, as you challenge and dominate big, hollow waves. It is a board designed for the determined rider, who does not feat to charge hard and go big. This board is perfect for the big wave enthusiast who needs a powerful and steady companion out on the water.

With the Brunotti Kite Wave Gun you can take on big waves without problems. This board is shaped using a surfboard-like profile that allows you challenge the waves easily. It can be used with or without straps, depending on your style.

The board sports a thin profile, but packs a smart volume distribution. This feature makes it agile and provides a superior float. The narrower nose section allows you pierce through rough portions of the wave without hassle. The pintail is optimized for a perfect release, but also to ensure easy turns at high speeds. The pronounced rocker in the nose area allows you drop in steep and go down fast whenever you want.

The Kite Wave Gun excels on big waves. It planes quickly and runs fast upwind. It is very controllable and stable. The board is built using an EPS Foam core, combined with fiberglass layers, PVC layers and Wood Veneer layers. This structure makes it incredible strong and light.