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Brunotti Onyx 2009

Brunotti Onyx 2009

Kiteboard Model: Onyx
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Brunotti
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

136 x 40 cm

136 x 38 cm

136 x 36 cm

130 x 40 cm

130 x 38 cm

130 x 36 cm


Every single board crafted by Brunotti is a masterpiece. Their team of highly skilled professionals puts a lot of passion and hard work in the process of research and development to make sure that every board meets the highest quality standards and it is ready to meet the needs of the most demanding riders. Not only pro and extreme riders need a great board to express themselves out on the waves. Beginners and intermediate ones need a good kiteboard to help them master the secrets of this sport or just to have fun. Especially for the second category of riders, Brunotti has created the Onyx. The board is user friendly, but packs the power and pop needed for progression or for performing nice tricks.

The Brunotti team knows exactly what beginner and intermediate riders need to progress and reach a high performance level: a great board, which responds to any command, which is fast and has pop, but it is easy to handle and makes them feel safe and confident. The new 2009 Onyx does all that and even more. The board sucessfuly blends power and speed with control and usability, it can be used at multiple styles and perform great in all wind and wave conditions.

If the breeze barely blows and all the other riders sit on the beach and wait for the wind to pick up, the Onyx will get you running pretty fast. And if the wind picks up, the board is still easy to control, stable and safe. The board uses a moderate rocker line which generates a nice speed and improves the planning and upwind abilities. Combined with the refined rails, this feature also improves control in all situations.

The board can jump pretty high, but it has very smooth landings and behaves predictable. The Single concave bottom design allows the rider to take maximum advantage of the water flow and experience nice lifts. At the same time it significantly improves stability and grip. Extra grip in tight turns or at high speeds is also added by the G10 fins. The Brunotti Onyx is not only fast and easy to control, but also very comfortable. The multiple inserts allow the rider to choose the stance which suits him best, while the smooth and easy to adjust Variable foot pads and straps assure the perfect bond between feet and deck.

Brunotti has engineered the Onyx using a 100% Wood core combined with fiberglass layups. This structure provides the perfect flex response and balances very well the strength to weight ratio. Fast, accurate and user friendly, the Brunotti Onyx is the perfect choice for the beginner and intermediate riders looking to perform new tricks or trying to relax out on the waves.