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Brunotti Pro X 2012

Brunotti Pro X 2012

Kiteboard Model: Pro X
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Brunotti
Best For
Board sizes

128 x 38.5 cm

128 x 40 cm

134 x 38.5 cm

134 x 40 cm


The Pro X is a board that can accommodate virtually any ride and runs great in real world conditions. It is a true freeride twin tip designed for cruising and tricks. It is a board that runs equally well in perfectly flat waters, as well as in chop or other demanding conditions. And it is also a board which can help you progress fast and develop new skills.

If you are into freeride, the Brunotti Pro X is the perfect board for you. It is designed by Brunotti master shaper Jinne Sietsma in collaboration with team rider Nick Jacobsen and it packs power, speed, easy handling and comfort into the same package. It’s what all freeriders look for. The board features a squared outline that helps it plane really quickly and ensures superior directional stability.

The rounded tips prevent spray and make the ride smoother. A freeride rocker provides solid upwind tracking, enhanced control and excellent acceleration. A progressive concave bottom ensures better early planing, and speed. The flex pattern is optimized to deliver both pop and a very comfortable drive. The board is quite forgiving and runs great in all sorts of conditions. It is perfect for long cruises or for practicing new tricks.

The Pro X is built using Carbon/Kevlar strips strategically placed in an “x” pattern. This structure assures optimal control and pop. The board also features a full wood core which assures maximum responsiveness and perfect flex. The flip-nose tail ends allow for a smaller wet surface area when on a plane, resulting in increased top-line speed, which is also great for pop.