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Cabrinha Skillit 2014

Cabrinha Skillit 2014

Kiteboard Model: Skillit
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Cabrinha
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The new 2014 Skillit board is the perfect companion for progressive strapped or strapless surfing. It is a perfect choice to dominate small waves and light wind conditions, but can also handle medium waves without hassle. When riding this board, you can enjoy a relaxing cruise down the line or perform the most stylish tricks with ease. It is efficient and forgiving at the same time.

The Cabrinha Skillit is the board which will offer you the perfect surf session whether you like to ride with or without straps. It features a well balanced profile which makes it extremely reliable. The wider hips, complemented by the pointed nose and narrower pintail create a fun shortboard feel when riding it.

The Skillit is agile and can catch waves with ease. It is also quick to plane and blasts upwind with ease. It is stable and offset a smooth drive in flats as well as in small and medium surf or even chop. The concave deck shape creates a firm platform for your feet when riding strapless. EVA pods are placed in key areas on the deck to keep you comfortable and provide a solid grip without the need of waxing. The ultralight symmetrical straps provide a solid and comfortable foot connection.

The Skillit is equipped with a thruster progressive fin setup which allows you to perform quick snaps in the hook. And generate a superior upwind speed plus extra stability. The Skillit is built using an Eco Cork Bamboo construction. The EPS core is wrapped in a cork layer which adds durability and assures a natural flex. Bamboo reinforcements are placed in specific areas for added durability.