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Calibro9 Gun 2013

Calibro9 Gun 2013

Kiteboard Model: Gun
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Calibro9
Best For
Board sizes

128x41 cm


The Gun is built for wakestyle, but also packs solid freestyle potential. It is a dynamic board that can handle various conditions with ease. This board is for the riders that demand pop and love to charge sliders and kickers. The size, shape and stances are specifically designed to accommodate them and offer them top performance.

The new Calibro9 Gun is the board that can turn wakestyle enthusiasts into proven riders and opens a new world of kiteboarding for them. It is also a board that can accommodate lighter riders and performs great in higher winds. It can also be used by kids due to its smaller shape.

It sports a compact shape which makes it very agile, but also easy to control and throw around. The rounder profile, with slightly wider hips makes the Gun very stable, but also enhances its upwind and early planning potential. The board is able to blast upwind without much edging and even in lighter winds. The tips are also rounded to prevent spray to the face.

The bottom concave is designed to enhance stability and grip and assure an optimal water flow for a fast and dynamic glide. A sporty rocker is used to make the board agile and provide good speed and acceleration. The flex is designed to generate good amounts of pop, but also to make the board comfortable to ride in various conditions.

The Calibro9 Gun is built using a light wood core, complemented by Triaxial fiberglass layers, PBT sublimated top sheet and ABS sidewalls. A special carbon strip is also used to enhance pop and overall durability. This structure makes it bomb proof and very responsive.