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Caution Redline 2009

Caution Redline 2009

Kiteboard Model: Redline
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Caution
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Board sizes

132 x 38 cm

125 x 38 cm


The 2009 Caution kiteboard lineup gathers only three models. Although it may not seem much, each board model is individually crafted and has a unique set of features which make it extremely versatile and efficient. Depending on his style or skill, the rider can choose the Trespass, one of the best wave boards today, the Hustler, a great platform for beginners and freeride, or the Redline. The Redline is a powerful, yet reliable freestyle machine, which successfully blends awesome power and pop with unmatched control. It is crafted using a new technology and the best composites and excels in a wide range of conditions.

Freestyle is one of the most demanding kiteboarding styles, and apart from talent, skill and training it requires a proper board. Freestylers need pop and speed as well as top control to perform amazing tricks and feel the ultimate thrill. Especially for them, the Caution team has come up with the Redline, a unique board which mixes usability with power and can help them achieve unbelievable performance.

Redline went through an extensive process of research and development and the new technology used in its construction makes highly versatile and ready to take freestyle to an entire new level. The board has a compact shape, with a narrower outline and custom tips. This profile makes it quite dynamic and allows it to generate extra power. It glides fast through the waves and gives you the extra boost when you need to perform spectacular stunts. Caution has enhanced the board with an awesome flex pattern, so it can tackle any wave and it feels extremely responsive.

It has incredible upwind and planning potential and edging is very comfortable. The extreme force release and awesome pop are complemented by excellent control and increased stability. The board can perform any trick and require no effort for steering. Landings are also very smooth and the shocks and vibrations are almost entirely absorbed. The tucked ABS rails provide fast control response and the symmetrical concave bottom generates optimal power and increases the stability in high waves or winds. The board is equipped with G10 fins which optimize the power delivery and increase the grip in tight turns. Extra comfort and excellent binding are provided by the Caution ergonomic footpads.

The board is constructed using Caution’s unique Divinycell core, which generates the perfect flex pattern for freestyle. This construction also makes the board very light and durable. The board is protected against abrasion and UV light damage by a PBT sheet. The Caution Hustler is available in a 132 x 38 cm size and 125 x 38 cm size.  The second model is perfect for a lighter rider, or for riders looking to perform power moves on smaller boards.