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CrazyFly Allround 2014

CrazyFly Allround 2014

Kiteboard Model: Allround
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Crazy Fly
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Board sizes

135 x 40 cm

138 x 40 cm

138 x 43 cm

145 x 41 cm

145 x 44 cm

145 x 48 cm


The name of this board says it all. The Allround kiteboard is a universal freeride machine which can accommodate all riders out there and offers reliable performance in a wide range of conditions. It packs a fair amount of power and it is forgiving at the same time. This way it can suit the needs of advanced riders as well as the demands of less experienced ones. With this board it is really easy to get around.

If freeride is your game and you love to drive fast, blast big airs and other old school tricks, than the Allround board is a perfect companion. The guys at CrazyFly have tweaked the board to ensure optimal performance and comfort for you. The Allround board features a ride friendly shape which great early planing performance and a superior upwind tracking.

The board sports a flat bottom which enhances the gliding performance and assures a smoother ride. However, the flat bottom does not provide as much grip as a concave one. The Allround offers a softer flex which maximizes overall comfort when riding and assures a softer glide in chop. This comfort comes at the expense of pop, but the board still packs a good boost when loaded.

CrazyFly has built the Allround using a full wood core which assures a light weight plus natural flex proprieties.  The core is complemented by multiaxial fiber glass layers that assure more flex in torsion and added strength. Beveled ABS rails complete this construction. Special Razor fins, featuring a thin profile, make the board faster and prevent drag. They also provide some flex to make carving and transitions more comfortable.