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CrazyFly Bulldozer 2011

CrazyFly Bulldozer 2011

Kiteboard Model: Bulldozer
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Crazy Fly
Best For
Board sizes

130x41 cm

135x39 cm  

135x41 cm


CrazyFly is one of the most acclaimed kiteboarding gear manufacturers today. Their team puts a lot of effort and passion in any new kite, board or any other piece of equipment it develops. In the development of the 2011 Bulldozer, CrazyFly has blended the latest technology available with high quality composites to make sure this board will offer unmatched performance. And the Bulldozer does that without any compromise, especially for the pro and hardcore riders who love new school freestyle and extreme competitions.

The board has awesome pop, extra control and it is very durable. It is the perfect machine for the advanced, pro or intermediate rider looking for extra freestyle efficiency out on the waves. The board is available in three different sizes and comes as a complete package, including, Quick Fix II footstraps, EVA pro footpads, handle and G10 fins.

Freestyle tends to get more and more popular among kiteboarding enthusiasts. As this discipline gathers more fans with each day that passes, the requirements of the freestylers become more and more demanding. Especially for the new school freestylers, who love to ride big and experience the ultimate sensation out on the waves, CrazyFly has created the Bulldozed. The purpose of the board is hardcore riding, extreme trick and impressive speed. As the name states, the board is powerful, aggressive and can conquer any wave.

The board is engineered using a full Carbon structure. The Uni Directional Carbon fiber layups make the board extremely light but very solid. The CNC shaped exotic Thai wood core assures extra tensile strength and also reduces the weight. This construction perfectly balances the weight to strength ratio and makes the Bulldozed durable and light. The board packs plenty of power and is quite aggressive, so it is not the best choice for novice riders.

The speed rocker line provides extra acceleration and upwind performance and increases the top speed. But even when the board reaches top speed or the rider performs extreme maneuvers, it remains reliable and easy to handle. The concave bottom design assures optimal power release and improves stability in high waves. The improved rails provide accurate steering response and allow the rider to control the board without any effort at all. The board is also equipped with G10 fins which are intended to maximize grip and reduce drag.

A unique Shock Absorbing system, based on thinner tips, enhanced by the Crazy Flex technology assures a medium and responsive flex. The board can tackle any wave, while absorbing any shock from the water impact and allows the rider to experience smooth, predictable landings. Light and soft easy adjustable dual density pads combined with Quick Fix II straps make any session as comfortable as possible.

The board features also a unique and elegant 3D graphic design which really makes it stand out in the crowd. If you are looking for the ultimate new school hardcore freestyle machine, look no more, because the CrazyFly Bulldozer has arrived.

CrazyFly Bulldozer 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
CrazyFly Bulldozer 2011 Reviewed on Mar 2nd 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

I like this board a lot. I tried it two or three times and it felt very smooth and quite forgiving. It has a good flex and pops really nice. In chop it feels like you have suspension under your feet, very comfortable. I used it only in flat water,...more

CrazyFly Bulldozer 2011 Reviewed on Feb 14th 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

The Bulldozer is a stiff board with good acceleration and fast speed. It is also very comfortable and easy to control. The board runs great in all kinds of conditions. Actually I was impressed to see how well it behaves in chop. It doesn't have too...more