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CrazyFly Raptor Pro LTD 2011

CrazyFly Raptor Pro LTD 2011

Kiteboard Model: Raptor Pro LTD
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Crazy Fly
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

132x41 cm 

136x41 cm


The Raptor Pro board by CrazyFly is one of the most successful boards ever created by the acclaimed manufacturer. The board packs both power and maneuverability is a unique way to offer excellent freeride and freestyle efficiency. Since this board was a blast, CrazyFly has released another version for 2011, called Raptor Pro LTD. The board is also built to excel at these two styles, but it uses a slightly different design which makes it perfect for pro and hardcore riders. It is powerful and fast and it is just whan any rider needs to experience a thrilling freeride and freestyle experience. The board is available in two sizes and comes as a complete package, including EVA footpads, Quick Fix II footstraps, handle and G10 fins.

When you think pro kiteboarding performance you think at CrazyFly, and when you need a board which is engineered for the ultimate freeride and freestyle performance you think at the 2011 Raptor Pro LTD. This board was released for the rider who loves extra power and speed and likes to ride hardcore style. For the rider who needs a more forgiving board which is not aggressive and it is easier to handle, the Raptor Pro is enough.

The LTD model is based on similar technologies and concepts as the standard version, but it is tweaked by CrazyFly to offer extra pop, power, speed and control. The board features a hydrodynamic shape and an ergonomic outline which makes any glide smooth and fast. Just like the standard Raptor Pro, the Raptor Pro LTD is based on the Nano Fiber Carbon Technology II, built on ultra light and stiff carbon fiber layups. At the same time, the construction is based on a CNC shaped full wood core which maximizes tensile strength and makes the board lighter. The board’s structure is protected by a UV Stabil Top Sheet Foil, which prevents UV light and abrasion damage.

Excellent comfort for the rider is provided EVA pro footpads which can be adjusted to fit multiple stances, depending on the rider’s choice. The new tail design used by CrazyFly provides optimal power release and prevents spray, to assure nice jumps and hangtime. The speed rocker line significantly improves acceleration as well as top speed. The board is not only powerful and fast. The ABS rails make it very maneuverable and increase steering response. The main difference between the two Raptor Pro models is perhaps the bottom design. The Pro uses a double concave bottom design which permits it to take maximum advantage of the water flow for fast turns, extra control and improved grip.

The CrazyFly Raptor Pro LTD is equipped with G10 fins which improve the control and minimize the drag. The thinner tips use the Crazy Flex Tips concept, which allows the board to absorb any shock and assure soft landings in any situation. Comfortable, fast, powerful and with an unmatched control, the CrazyFly Raptor Pro LTD can be considered the ultimate freestyle and freeriding machine.

CrazyFly Raptor Pro LTD 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 user reviews.
CrazyFly Raptor Pro LTD 2011 Reviewed on Sep 22nd 2011
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

I've tested the Raptor Pro LTD briefly yesterday. it is one of the lightest boards I got my hands on. I will surely get it soon. It runs smooth and goes upwind like a rocket. It also does not spray in chop, like the standard Raptor Pro does sometim...more

CrazyFly Raptor Pro LTD 2011 Reviewed on Feb 14th 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

The raptor Pro Ltd is a comfortable and smooth board. it runs great in chop, it jumps pretty high and it is easy to control. It is a freestyle/freeride board, but advanced new school freestylers won't get much from it in flat water. Beginners on t...more

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