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F-One Fish 2011

F-One Fish 2011

Kiteboard Model: Fish
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: F-One
Best For
Board sizes

5'2'' x 46

5'4'' x 48

5'6'' x 50


F-One is the source of complete kiteboarding gear for any rider out there. It creates the highest performance and quality equipment which is intended to meet the requirements of the most demanding riders. When it comes to kiteboards, F-One is aware that apart from the riders who love the twin tip design, there are the ones who enjoy performing on a surf shaped board. Especially for them it has created the directional 2011 models, which are intended to offer both fun and performance. The Fish is the type of board which feels lively and loose, which delivers speed and power, but it is easy to handle in any situation and can be controlled without any effort.

The 2011 directional board lineup created by F-One features four models, each of them enhanced to deliver a different type of experience. The boards are constructed using the latest technology and the best composites and meet the highest quality standards. If you love to ride surf style, and enjoy tight and fast turns, then the F-One Fish is the perfect board for you.

The great thing about the Fish is that it has a dual purpose. It can be used with a kite by kitesurfers, or without one if you love to surf on a fast and dynamic board. The ergonomic shape, featuring a rounded outline, with narrow nose and progressive narrow tail make it very agile and allow the rider to cut through any wave fast and easy. When it comes to wave riding, the Fish is unbeatable. It carves and jibes very nice, and the rider can use the wind to his advantage if the waves are small. At the same time the board can be used with or without straps, depending on the rider’s choice and skill.

The board is enhanced to offer a fast run in light wind conditions, but it is very reliable if the wind picks up. F-One has drastically improved the upwind and early planning performance of the Fish, to make sure that the riders can enjoy a sensational session. In small surf conditions, the board rotates and turns pretty fast, but it also offers a direct and precise control. It is very stable and has a nice grip at all times. The Future Vector fins optimize the power delivery and prevent drag. At the same time they increase the grip at high speeds or in turns.

F-One has constructed the Fish on a Bamboo structure. This way the board is flexible, responsive, light and extra durable. This construction also improves the tensile and torsion strength for maximum performance.  The Fish is available in three sizes, and each size has different characteristics. The smaller model is perfect for strapped maneuvers, the middle size model excels in on shore waves, and the larger model is perfect for light wind conditions and can support a heavier rider.

F-One Fish 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
F-One Fish 2011 Reviewed on Mar 15th 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

The board is stable in waves and jibes very nice. I've used it only once for an half an hour demo. It is fast, bit not exaggerated. It feels reliable in bottom turns. It just needs more pressure to steer at times when riding upwind. Downwind it is...more