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F-One Rookie 2011

F-One Rookie 2011

Kiteboard Model: Rookie
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: F-One
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

128 x 36 cm


F-One has become a highly acclaimed kiteboarding gear manufacturer over the years. The top quality equipment their team delivers has impressed and continues to impress riders all over the world. From casual riders to champs and pros, every one of them has heard of F-One and about the performance it offers. F-One is truly dedicated to kiteboarding, and because their team wishes to see everyone enjoy this great sport, regardless of age, it has created the Rookie, the perfect board for kids. Rookie is light, easy to use and offers top performance for any boy or girl who wishes to enjoy a great time out on the water.

• Optimized size for children
• Inverted ABS rails
• Full Wood Core
• Direct Drive
• Pads Pro Platinum
• Response fins

Kiteboarding has become a very popular extreme sport and gathers more and more fans which each new season. Perhaps it will soon become an Olympic discipline and we can see the world’s best riders compete at the Olympic Games. These riders train hard and put a lot of passion and effort in what they do, and perhaps that is why they are so spectacular each time they perform. F-One supports them, and provides them with the highest performance and quality gear. But the famous manufacturer knows that even kids have a good chance of reaching the pro level, and that is why it has developed the Rookie, the perfect board for them.

It is engineered with special care, and every single feature is optimized to suit a lighter and not very strong rider. Boys and girls alike can now safely learn the secrets of kiteboarding and enjoy a fun and relaxing session out on the waves. The board is very user friendly, light easy to handle and totally safe. At the same time it reaches a nice speed and has sufficient pop and power for the young riders who wish to progress and try more advanced tricks. The board has a compact shape and a rounded, narrower outline which assures optimal stability and a very smooth glide.

The Scoop has also been enhanced to suit the strength and weight of a young rider, as well as the flex. The board goes upwind easily and has nice planning potential. It is engineered to absorb the shocks from wave impacts and provides soft landings. The F-One Rookie reaches a good top speed and turns pretty fast, but it is extra stable and very easy to handle. The children can focus on their moves, without worrying about losing control. The bottom design and inverted ABS rails allow easy edging and increased steering response. At the same time the board uses the Direct Drive technology which assures top control and makes the board very accurate in any wave or wind conditions.

The Rookie is equipped with Response fins, which twist under pressure to enhance control and grip, as well as with Pro Platinum pads and ergo Straplock II straps which assure a smooth binding and increase overall comfort while riding. Rookie is available only in 128 x 36 centimeters sizes and comes as a complete package with binding systems, fins and handle.

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