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F2 Gipsy 2012

F2 Gipsy 2012

Kiteboard Model: Gipsy
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: F2
Best For
Freeride  Freestyle
Board sizes

129 x 39 cm
132 x 40 cm
134 x 41 cm


The Gipsy board combines the best of freestyle and freeride worlds into one package. When designing this kiteboard, the guys at F2 have made sure it packs a good pop, it is agile and easy to control, it can boost big airs and it is easy to handle. It is in fact designed to adapt to your specific riding style and help you progress and enjoy a cool ride.

If you like cool cruises and boosting big airs, but sometimes you feel the need to pull off some big boosts and technical tricks, you need the F2 Gipsy. This board offer reliable freeride and freestyle performance, it runs great in real world conditions and can accommodate advanced, intermediate and even entry level riders that love a dynamic glide.

The Gipsy features a sporty, compact profile with slightly parallel and rounded outlines. This shape makes it quick to plane and easy to drive upwind, but also provides superior edging control and assures nice speed and excellent control. The 3D shaped profile makes it agile and assures precise maneuverability. A shallower rocker assures excellent speed and control, while the bottom concave makes it steady and improves the glide.

It is built using special triaxial glass fiber layers that generate a solid pop. You can load and pop very easy and perform stylish tricks instantly. The tips use a thinner profile to provide an enhanced flex. This helps you land softly and makes the ride smooth and comfortable in chop.