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F2 Rave 2012

F2 Rave 2012

Kiteboard Model: Rave
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: F2
Best For
Board sizes

132 x 40 cm
138 x 40,5 cm
140 x 41 cm


The Rave board is designed to make kiteboarding accessible and appealing to everyone. The guys at F2 have focused especially on ride comfort when they have designed this board. It is a forgiving and easy to handle board that you can use to learn the secrets of kiteboarding or enjoy a nice cruise. And the board packs a punch too, so it can keep up with you as you progress or if you are a more demanding rider and love to perform cool tricks.

The F2 Rave is a reliable, versatile and user friendly freeride board which you can use with ease in various conditions. It delivers a balanced power and it is forgiving, so it can easily accommodate beginner to advance riders. The Rave features a Rugged core based on Coretex 9000 composites. This core determines a forgiving flex which makes the ride comfortable and controllable and landings smooth.

The flex pattern is forgiving, but can also generate significant pop, so you can perform big jumps and take off with style. The Rave features a sporty outline which makes it quick to plane and easy to drive upwind. The straighter outline also assures very good directional stability and the rails are optimized to offer you excellent edging control. The slightly concave tips ensure safe and predictable landings and minimize spray.

The tips are also thinner, to make the glide more comfortable and landings smoother. The flatter rocker makes the board very mobile and assures excellent control in flat waters or chop. A concave bottom adds stability and makes the glide more fluid.