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Firewire Hell Razor 2014

Firewire Hell Razor 2014

Kiteboard Model: Hell Razor
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Firewire
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With the Firewire Hell Razor you can experience a new dimension of wave riding. This board delivers the same awesome performance of a classic short surfboard, but it is engineered to withstand the extreme forces of kiting. It is a high performance kitesurf directional, best suited for advanced and expert riders. It is a board that excels in reef break, over the head wave conditions.

Built do deliver extreme performance, the Firewire Hell Razor is one of the most reliable and efficient kitesurf directionals on the market. It is a board that advanced and expert riders will love. The board is designed using a surfboard oriented shape and can be ridden shorter than your average kiteboard. This allows you perform all sorts of tricks and maneuvers without losing control even for a second.

The wider hips, combined with the narrower nose and tail, make the board quick to plane and easy to drive in flats and waves. A double concave bottom shape is used to provide a fast and smooth glide and enhance stability. A coffin (squared) tail ensures quick and tight turns and keeps you in control when you ride at full speed. The Hell Razor is equipped with five fin boxes, so you can use it with a thruster, quad or even five fin setup. It all depends on your choice and style.

The board is crafted using Firewire’s Future Shapes Technology, which uses a PARABOLIC Balsa Rail to control flex, an EPS core and Epoxy Resin glass laminates. The board is also available in a TimberTEK model which has no straps inserst and is a dedicated strapless machine.