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Firewire Pro_File v1.0 2014

Firewire Pro_File v1.0 2014

Kiteboard Model: Pro_File v1.0
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Firewire
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The Firewire Pro_File v1.0 is a high performance kitesurf board designed specifically for wave riding. This is a board that will appeal particularly to advanced riders that compete in challenging events, but can also suit intermediate riders that want to progress and need to push their skills to a new level. It is a board built to deliver maximum efficiency in over the head waves.

With the new Pro_File v1.0 or ProFile V1, no wave can stand in your way. This board slashes and tackles medium to high waves like no other. It features a short surfboard profile that makes it extremely maneuverable and allows you perform stylish maneuvers with ease.

The Pro_File uses a thruster fin setup that enhances speed and tracking and provides you with excellent grip out on the waves. The squash tail ensures optimal release and improves turning speed and control. The continuous curve from nose to tail, combined with the pronounced tail rocker allows you perform tight and powerful turns on the waves.

The bottom concave design assures a smooth and clean glide plus superior stability. The board is perfect for beach break conditions. Firewire has built the Pro_File V1.0 using the Future Shapes Technology, based on a PARABOLIC Balsa Rail to control flex, an EPS foam core and epoxy resin based glass laminates. This structure is very light and durable and makes the board responsive and agile.