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Firewire Sweet Potato 2014

Firewire Sweet Potato 2014

Kiteboard Model: Sweet Potato
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Firewire
Best For
Lightwind  Waveriding
Board sizes



The Sweet Potato kitesurf board from Firewire is a small wave ripper. It is best suited for experienced riders that love to perform stylish tricks, but it can also accommodate intermediate riders that want to have fun and progress. The board performs very well in medium waves too and it is easy to ride in lighter winds.

As the guys at Firewire say, the Sweet Potato it a great choice for practicing transitional tricks and small wave ripping. And indeed, it is a board that can handle this and more. The Sweet Potato is available in FST and TimberTEK models. The FST model is based on an EPS core combined with glass laminates and it features strap inserts, while the TimberTEK version comes in a wood finish and has no strap inserts.

Both models are built using the special Future Shapes Technology, based on a PARABOLIC Balsa Rail to control flex. The board features a shorter and wider profile that makes extremely maneuverable and assures very good early planing performance. A special bottom contour is used to generate lift. The deep double concave bottom shape with a spine down the middle assures good stability and a clean and fast glide, even in demanding conditions.

The scoop rocker is optimized to enhance acceleration and provide a superior upwind performance. The round tail shape allows for optimal release and provides fast and loose turns. The Firewire Sweet Potato uses a quad fin setup which provides better upwind tracking plus excellent grip.