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Gaastra Flash 2014

Gaastra Flash 2014

Kiteboard Model: Flash
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Gaastra
Best For
Board sizes

167.6x48.6 cm

172.7x50.3 cm

185.4x52.0 cm


The Gaastra Flash is designed to excel in the side-onshore conditions encountered especially in the European sector. It is a board that can dominate medium to big waves with ease and able to move fast through flats. It is a powerful board designed for powerful riders, but it can also accommodate less experienced ones that love a thrill. It excels when used strapless, but it has strap insert options, so you can add footstraps anytime you want.

With the Gaastra Flash big and strong waves are no longer an unbeatable challenge. It is designed to move quickly and catch them with style. The wider outline makes it forgiving and assures superior stability. It features a relatively narrow tail section which can generate quick and tight turns, keeping the rider in control at all times. The classic winger tail design creates more surface area giving the board extra lift and control in between turns.

The slightly concave bottom shape assures a smooth and fast glide plus enhanced stability and a clean release. The conservative continuous curve rocker line enables forgiveness when required. It also provides accurate control in flats and on waves. The Flash can push upwind with speed and offer a great ride down the line. It is also quick to plane and very agile. The wider stance setup plus the extra volume increases overall performance and keep the rider comfortably in control at all times.

The Flash is designed for medium to big waves, but it can be used with ease in small, mushy surf too. The rocker assures a fast speed and superior planing and upwind performance. The board is built using a glass fiber sandwich construction plus deck and hull wood reinforcements in stress areas. It is a construction that generates an optimal strength to weight ratio and makes the board very responsive.