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Gaastra Pacer 2014

Gaastra Pacer 2014

Kiteboard Model: Pacer
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Gaastra
Best For
Freeride  Racing
Board sizes

177x64.6 cm



The Gaastra Pacer is a high performance slalom and freeride board that excels in all wind conditions. It is optimized to deliver speed and power, but it is also fun to ride and easy to handle. The guys at Gaastra have also made sure that the board is extremely efficient in marginal wind conditions. The board can take you on a thrilling ride when all the other riders sit on the beach due to light wind conditions.

The Pacer borrows a few characteristics from the Jet, but it is optimized and fine tuned to offer superior performance. The wider profile, featuring a wider, rounded nose allows it deliver a smooth and fast glide and boosts it’s upwind and early planing abilities. The nose is slightly lifted, so the board has no trouble in running file in demanding conditions like chop.

The diamond shaped tail assures optimal release as well as nice and fast turns. For instance it gives you the option to turn quickly around buoys in slalom challenges. The speed bottom outline assures a very fast drive and also improves stability. As a matter of fact, the Pacer is extremely steady at high speeds. The board features extra inserts for center strap location and the Tuttle boxes allow for different fin setups. Fin details: 2x 34cm Slalom G10 in front, 1x 32cm Slalom G10 in back. Gaastra has built the Pacer using a glass fiber construction sandwich, reinforced with wood on the deck and hull and in stress areas.

This construction assures an optimal strength to weight ratio. A soft EVA foam deck assures excellent comfort during the ride. The board is supplied with 4 footstraps and all necessary hardware. Teh Pacer is also available in LTD version, which is lighter and competition oriented.