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Gaastra Surfkite 5'6" 2010

Gaastra Surfkite 5'6" 2010

Kiteboard Model: Surfkite
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Gaastra
Best For
Board sizes


  • Rounder outline – makes for a very maneuverable board.
  • Medium rocker – in gusty conditions, the medium rocker provides maximum power. In normal conditions, it provides effortless acceleration.
  • Square tail – helps the board turn more easily at low speeds. A square tail is a good choice, keeping in mind that this is a compact board.
  • Sharp box rails – make the board more powerful on the cut back for a faster release.
  • Multiple strap positions – so that every rider out there can select the best possible position.

The first thing you need to know is that for 2010 Gaastra has two Surfkite models to offer – the 5'6" and the 5'10". Both these models are properly good waveriding boards that have the same drive and power you would expect to get from surf boards (and they look like surfboards too). One question does come to mind though: why would Gaastra come up with two Surfkite models? According to the manufacturer, there’s a simple reason behind this – to cover all waveriding conditions, from mushy, to medium sized waves, and up to big and powerful waves.

The 2010 Surfkite 5'6" is a compact yet powerful board that is ideally suited for the mushy to medium onshore waves you can expect to encounter in Europe. You can use the Surfkite 5'6" in a wide range of conditions, starting with very small waves and up to 3m swell.

Take the Surfkite 5'6" out for a spin and you will discover it is an easy to control yet powerful board that helps you stay in contact with the wave. You will also find that you can ride the 2010 Surfkite 5'6" with the smallest of kites.

If the 2010 Surfkite 5'6" were to receive marks for its performance, these are the marks it would receive (on a scale from 1 to 10):

  • Freeride – 8
  • Freestyle – 1.5
  • Race – 6.5
  • Wave – 10