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Hell Skullface 2013

Hell Skullface 2013

Kiteboard Model: Skullface
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Best For
Board sizes

135 x 40 cm


Hell Boardriders’ Skullface is not at all a hellish board. It is in fact a versatile all-round twin tip that can accommodate intermediate and advanced riders with ease and provides them with versatile performance. The guys at Hell Boardiders put it simple: it’s a kick-ass, chop eating, wave carving, big boosting, full on freestyle kiteboard.

The Hell Skullface is one of the few twin tips that pack a real all-round performance. This board packs pop, control, stability and speed into one package. It is a powerful and snappy board, but it also offers you plenty of comfort and accurate control. The slightly wider profile, with a straighter cut outline assures increased directional stability, as well as excellent early palning and upwind potential. The slightly concave profile of the tips prevents spray to the face. Thanks to the increased flex in the tips, landings are very smooth and predictable too. A single concave bottom design has been used, to provide a clean and fast glide and assure a steady ride. The tapered rails allow you hold the edge for a longer time to increase your pop potential and to head upwind easier. A moderate to high flex pattern offers you huge pop, but also makes the board comfortable to ride and very easy to control. The Skullface runs great in all sorts of conditions, it can jump, carve and speed. It’s all up to you. It is built suing a full Paulownia wood core with Triple Redwood stringers on the heel side. This structure generates the perfect flex and makes the board strong and responsive.