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Jimmy Lewis Model 3 2009

Jimmy Lewis Model 3 2009

Kiteboard Model: Model 3
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Jimmy Lewis
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Board sizes

125 x 37.5 cm 
133 x 39 cm 
139 x 40.5 cm 
145 x 43.2 cm


The 2009 Jimmy Lewis boards are crafted using the latest technology and the best available composites. Each model is carefully tuned to suit particular styles and skill levels and intended to deliver performance close to perfection. Freeride is the most popular kiteboarding discipline, and to satisfy the demands of all freeriders out there, Jimmy Lewis has released the Model 3. The awesome thing about this board is that it performs outstanding in any wind and wave conditions and that it can be used by advanced and beginner riders alike. It is fast and powerful, but easy to handle and user friendly at the same time.

With the release of the 2009 Model 3, Jimmy Lewis practically redefined the term freeride. This board mixes power, speed and control in a unique way and it can perform outstanding in various wind and wave conditions. The Jimmy Lewis R&D team took the time to optimize every single feature of the board to make sure it offers the highest performance and quality.

The freeride-optimized profile makes the board feel very lively from the first moment it is set on the water. It is easy to power up in light wind conditions and steady if the wind picks up. Advanced riders can perform amazing tricks or run at impressive speeds, while less experienced one can enjoy a fun and relaxing cruise without worries. The moderate outline and rounder rails allow the rider to fell really free out on the waves and perform any maneuver.

The board packs enough pop for high jumps and lifts but it is also very easy to handle. The rider can perform any maneuver while he is in complete control and the board performs predictable. The board uses the Dominatrix bottom design which provides perfect power release, excellent stability and increased upwind and planning potential. The board comes equipped with special designed fins which optimize the water release, minimize the drag and assure extra grip in tight turns or at high speeds. The board has several stance options and the rider can choose the most comfortable one. Extra comfort is added by the easy adjustable straps and pads.

The board can be used in a wide variety of wave conditions and has a unique way of absorbing the shocks resulted from rough landings or wave impacts. If you are looking for a board which mixes performance with comfort and style, look no more because the Jimmy Lewis model 3 is here. The board comes as a complete package, including fins, straps, pads and grab handle.