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Jimmy Lewis Model 3 2011

Jimmy Lewis Model 3 2011

Kiteboard Model: Model 3
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Jimmy Lewis
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Board sizes

125cm x 38cm

129cm x 38.5cm

133cm x 39cm

139cm x 40cm

145cm x 43cm


The Jimmy Lewis Model 3 is perhaps one of the most efficient and versatile freeride kiteboard models available on the market today. As freeride becomes a more popular discipline which any season that passes, the requirements of the freeride enthusiasts become more and more demanding. Jimmy Lewis has decided to come up with a board which will meet all these requirements and even more, and so, it has created the Model 3. The board has a long history in the world of kiteboarding, and the 2011 version blends the successful features of the previous models with top technology and tweaks, to take freeride to a whole new dimension. If you dream at a board which perfectly blends speed, power and control, your dream is about to come true, because the new Jimmy Lewis Model 3 has arrived.

Jimmy Lewis boards have always had something special. Perhaps it is the long experience in manufacturing kiteboards which their team has, or perhaps it is the passion their team puts in the development of every single mode, but there is something that makes these board unique. The 2011 Model 3 is such a unique board and it is carefully crafted using the latest technology and the finest composites to meet the highest quality and performance standards.

The board packs the perfect amount of pop and power and has an awesome control. It is exactly what you are looking for if you love freeride and you need the ultimate freeriding machine. The board features a hydrodynamic shape and smooth outlines, so it is very lively out on the water and glides smooth and fast. Jimmy Lewis has significantly improved the carving, early planning and upwind abilities, to make sure that the Model 3 is truly a new generation freeride kiteboard. It has extra pop, and the rider can enjoy nice jumps, extra hangtime or smooth turns and carves with minimum or no effort at all, while the board is reliable and performs predictable. At the same time the board has a direct and very precise control, and offers positive feedback ant any command.

The hand shaped rails provide extra stability and increased steering response as well as fast turns and rotations. Jimmy Lewis has used a deep concave bottom design to make sure that the board has smooth landings, nice grip and optimal power release. This design also increases the control and allows the rider to perform jumping tricks and ride at high speeds easy and comfortable. The model 3 uses specially crafted G10 fins which optimize the traction, reduce the drag and increase the grip.

Excellent comfort during the whole session is assured by the soft Air Force pads and easy adjustable footstraps. The is constructed on a foam core and a multi layer sandwich structure which balance the weight to strength ratio and make the board light and robust. This construction also improves responsiveness and it is intended to wrap and release the water for extra overall performance. The board comes complete with fins, straps, pads and handles and is available in several sizes to cover a large weight range.

Jimmy Lewis Model 3 2011 Average Rating: 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 user reviews.
Jimmy Lewis Model 3 2011 Reviewed on Mar 15th 2012
Rating: 4.0 out of 5

features: double concave soft rails generous rocker small fins On water the board runs quite fast and doesn't spray almost at all. The concave and allows you to move in chop easily. It has no trouble of running upwind even in light winds, but t...more