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Jimmy Lewis Super Model 2009

Jimmy Lewis Super Model 2009

Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Jimmy Lewis
Best For
Board sizes

130 x 38 cm

135 x 39.5 cm


The Jimmy Lewis kiteboards offer performance and versatility. They are among the most appreciated ones available today. Each model is fine tuned to suit the specific needs of the rider and offer efficiency and versatility. Freestyle is one of the most spectacular kiteboarding disciplines, and it requires a high performance board apart from impressive skills. The Jimmy Lewis board is especially crafted for all the freestyle enthusiasts out there. It has an explosive pop, it feels powerful and fast and it offers top control. With the release of the Super Model, the Jimmy Lewis team practically redefines the world of freestyle kiteboarding.

Freeride and freestyle are the most popular kiteboarding disciplines. A huge number of kiteboarding enthusiasts love these styles and require high performance board to ride at full power. The Model 3 is one of the best freeride boards ever, and it would be great if it had a freestyle counterpart. Fortunately, the Jimmy Lewis team has thought about it when it has developed the Super Model. Just like the Model 3, the Super Model is fast, accurate and reliable.

Additionally it offers extra pop and it is snappier. It has a freestyle oriented outline and performs great in most wind and wave conditions. It features a wider profile and a more powerful tailblock which allow the rider to experience impressive jumps and lifts. This board is a true freestyle monster and it is a perfect choice for hardcore new school riders.

The board is crafted using thicker rails and wider hips. At the same time it packs more volume, so it is easy to power up in light wind conditions. It has increased floatability and that is why it feels very lively and offers a loose and comfortable session. The rails are hand shaped and carefully crafted, so the ride has a direct and accurate control at all times. He can perform any trick in the book while the board provides only positive feedback. Jimmy Lewis has enhanced the Super Model with the Dominatrix bottom design. This concave bottom design assures excellent steering response as well as excellent upwind and planning potential.

The board runs absolutely amazing in most weather conditions and gives you the confidence you need to push your limits to the max. The special G10 fins optimize the power delivery, reduce the drag and assure optimal grip at high speeds or in tight turns. The board offers top comfort besides awesome power and top control. It has several stance options from which the rider can choose the best suited one and the binding system is very easy to adjust. The jimmy Lewis Super Model is available in two sizes and comes complete with straps, fins, pads and handle.