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Liquid Force Aura 2009

Liquid Force Aura 2009

Kiteboard Model: Aura
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Liquid Force
Best For
Freestyle  Freeride
Board sizes

127 cm

130 cm


Liquid Force is one of the most popular brands in kiteboarding. Every piece of gear their team crafts meets the highest quality and performance standards. For 2009 Liquid Force has come up with an impressive kiteboard lineup. It is intended to cover all skills, styles and conditions. The Aura is a board especially crafted for the women who love kiteboarding. It has a specific profile and flex, it is lighter and easy to handle. The Aura packs a good pop, it is fast, but it is very easy to control at the same time. All the ladies who like this extreme sport are guaranteed to have a good time out on the waves with the Liquid Force Aura.

Kiteboarding is not a sport dedicated exclusively to men. There are a lot of ladies out there who love this extreme sport and perform outstanding. But the needs of a girl are different from those of men. That is why Liquid Force has created the Aura, one of the best kiteboards dedicated to women. It is the type of board which offers both fun and performance.

The special construction technology makes the Aura very lively, but steady and easy to handle in most wind and wave conditions. The board has a special, thinner profile which generates a smooth and fast glide. The board has almost no drag at all and can reach a nice speed. It packs plenty of pop for the women who want to experience high jumps and lifts, but it is easy to handle and predictable at all times.

The thin deck contour improves the comfort and spreads the load proportionally to maximize stability. The board features a rounded squash tail which generates a nice power release and allows the rider to perform nice tricks without any effort at all. The thinner rails improve the handling in most wind and wave conditions and assure a good grip in fast turns. The board features a single concave bottom design which generated the right amount of power and improves the upwind and planning performance. At the same time it assures smooth landings and absorbs the shocks from wave impacts. Liquid Force has used a special flex profile which suits the specific needs of women. The board boosts the right amount of pop needed for any maneuver.

In the construction of the Aura, Liquid Force has focused on lowering the weight. This way the board is very easy to control and feels light and reliable under the feet. The board performs great at various styles and can be used by both beginner and advanced riders. It is the perfect kiteboard for the women who wish to experience the ultimate thrill or have fun out on the waves.