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Liquid Force CJ 2015

Liquid Force CJ 2015

Kiteboard Model: CJ
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Liquid Force
Best For
Board sizes

5’9” X 18” X 2” — 23.5 L


The CJ is built to handle all waves, from smooth side-off conditions to sloppy beach break peaks. It is an all-round waveriding board that allows you have fun, progress and ride like the pros. The CJ draws many features from a classic surfboard, so it can be ridden with or without power from the kite. It slashes big waves, but it is also cool to ride in small surf and even chop.

With the CJ from Liquid Force you can take your ride to new levels if you love surf and waves. It is a board that blends control and comfort with power and speed. It features a narrow outline that makes it very maneuverable and ensures plenty speed. The medium rocker improves its upwind abilities and makes it easy to control in all conditions.

A shallow single concave bottom shape ensures a fast and smooth glide plus a loose, drivey feel. The diamond tail ensures fast and accurate turns, as well as a perfect release. The CJ has a good low end, so it is fast and agile even in lighter winds. It is equipped with a quad fin setup which improves tracking and grip.

It comes with pre-installed EVA tailpad and straps. It is available in two different cores: BXP3 or PVC. The cores are complemented by fiberglass layers, high-density PVC deck patches and bamboo veneer.