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Liquid Force Edge 2011

Liquid Force Edge 2011

Kiteboard Model: Edge
Kiteboard Type: Twin-Tip
Brand: Liquid Force
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Board sizes

136x42.5 cm

146x44 cm


Freeride is perhaps the most practiced kiteboarding style worldwide. As more and more riders love freeride and grow their skills, their need for a performance board is more demanding. To satisfy all their needs, and even more, Liquid Force has created the Edge. The Edge is fast, accurate, powerful and fun at the same time. You can use it in any competition or you can have fun and enjoy a smooth freeride session on it. The bottom contour is oriented towards the heel side edge to allow the rider go upwind easy and fast and perform any maneuver he wishes. Although it is built to meet the highest quality and performance standards, the board has a more than decent price. Top quality at an affordable price is definitely a good deal. Exquisite graphics make the Edge unique and elegant.

The Liquid Force Edge is a board which delivers top freeride performance. Perhaps it is not the all round type which can be used at more styles, but what it does it does with style. It offers unmatched freeride efficiency and versatility. You can rely on it for any trick or for high speed and it gives you the confidence you need to perform extreme and hardcore maneuvers.

The board successfully blends extra power with speed, control and accuracy. The board glides smooth through the waves and has no spray or drag. The rounded tips assure that the rider can tackle any wave without effort. At the same time the low flex prevents any shock resulted from the wave impact. Even when it is smashed into high waves, the board is reliable and remains steady. Liquid Force has improved the upwind and acceleration abilities of the board for optimal freeride performance.

The rails are made from tough Urethane fabrics instead of common ABS, so they are much more solid and allow a smoother slide. At the same time the control is direct and accurate and the rider can concentrate on his moves and trick rather than on the board. The double concave bottom design, combined with the innovative double channel bottom contours make the board take maximum advantage of the water flow and deliver optimal power. At the same time, this feature significantly increases the grip and stability of the board, especially in high waves and at high speeds. With the Liquid Force Edge you can jump and hang high without much effort, and the landings are smooth and predictable. A medium rocker line provides nice pop and increased top speed as well as a good boost when you need it.

Edge is built on a CNC shaped wood and PVC foam core. This construction makes it light and durable, assures optimal flex and accurate response. At the same time this technology balances the weight to strength ratio to keep the board light and robust. Liquid Force Edge comes in two sizes and features an exquisite design which really makes it stand out in the crowd.