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Liquid Force Kite Fish 2011

Liquid Force Kite Fish 2011

Kiteboard Model: Kite Fish
Kiteboard Type: Directional
Brand: Liquid Force
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The 2011 Liquid Force Kite Fish features a very innovative design. It has the features of both a skimboard and surfboard and it is intended to offer plenty of fun out on the waves. It is agile, fast, but stable and easy to control at the same time. The surfboard tip and hips and the deep fish tail design allow the rider to enjoy a nice kitesurfing session. The board is also enhanced to run smoothly and fast in light wind conditions and if the wind picks up it offers flawless performance. It is available in one size only and has a unique and elegant graphic design. The “fish shape” and the marine blue colors make the Kite Fish seem born straight from the ocean.

• Twin or thruster fin setup
• CNC Wood and PVC foam core
• EVA top deck
• Urethane rails
• New bottom contour design

The twin tip series of boards developed by Liquid Force is complemented with a single directional board model for 2011: the Kite Fish. The Kite Fish is constructed using the latest technology and the finest fabrics to meet the highest quality and performance standards and it is intended to offer a smooth and fun ride. It has a completely new shape and it is quite the next generation type of board.

Liquid Force managed to successfully merge the features and performance of a skimboard with that of a real surfboard. The Skim Fish has a wider and hydrodynamic shape, based on a full nose, wide hips and a narrower fish shaped tail. This profile allows it to run fast and smooth through the waves, while the rider is comfortable and can control it very easy. It can be used in most wind and wave conditions, and can get you running in the lightest breezes. At the same time, the board can be used on any type of water. It runs nice on the ocean waves as well as on the river streams. The Kite Fish has enough pop and power and can reach impressive speeds. It allows the rider to perform any maneuver easy and without effort at all.

The new bottom design makes it very stable and increases the grip, while the Urethane rails provide a direct and responsive control. The rider can steer and maneuver the board easily in any situation. The board can be used with a twin or thruster fin setup, depending on the rider’s choice. The fins provide extra grip and smooth out the power of the board. The split tail assures optimal power delivery and enhances the steering response. The Liquid Force Kite Fish is not only powerful and accurate, it is also very comfortable. It is equipped with a soft recessed EVA deck to make sure that the rider has plenty of comfort during the whole session.

The board is constructed on a CNC Wood and PVC foam core. This structure makes it very solid and light at the same time. Take the Kite Fish for spin and you will surely love the smooth performance it offers.